"Although the domains of training and practice for school psychologists are listed and defined separately, they overlap and operate together in the lives of practicing school psychologists." - NASP, 1997.

The University of Calgary's Master's of Education program in School and Applied Child Psychology has been developed in alignment with the National Association of School Psychologist's (NASP) standards for training and is based on a scientist-practitioner model. The coursework, assignments, and activities undertaken by students in the program are designed to help them achieve a level of competency that is fitting for a beginning school psychologist in each of the ten domains of competence outlined by NASP.

Under the "Domains of Competence" tab on this page, Colleen Kryczka's level of competence for each of the ten domains is described. The level of competence for each domain is assessed on a 4-point scale of not yet novice, novice, intermediate, or advanced/expert level of competency. Evidence of her level of competency is also provided. Colleen Kryczka demonstrates at least a novice level of competency in each of the ten domains and has developed a plan to continue her growth in becoming a School Psychologist.