Furthering Activities Completed - as of August 18th, 2010

1)     Domain: Prevention, Wellness Promotion, & Crisis Intervention

a.       Learn about prevention programs – “Caring School Community” and “Positive Action”

b.      Review the programs and provide a presentation in a paper or breeze format that examines empirical support for these programs (not just a review of what the program is, but how and why it is supported by research/evidence as effective)


2)     Domain: Research and Program Evaluation

a.       Learn more about single-case study (single subject) design

                                                               i.      What is it?

                                                             ii.      When/why is it used?

                                                           iii.      How does it specifically inform the field of School Psychology?

b.      Provide an annotated bibliography of readings, answering the above questions (5-6 sources, or enough so that the information is clear)

c.       Develop a research proposal for my local school district based on a single subject design

                                                               i.      Use ethics form from U of C “research services” site